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EuroMillions Number Stats

Everyone wants to increase their chances and here’s our list of the most popular and most drawn numbers for the Euromillions lottery.

The most frequently drawn number is 50, which has been drawn a total of 44 times since Euromillions began in 2004.

The most common Euromillions main numbers (in appearance order) are 50, 37, 12, 19 and 2. [ Play these numbers ]

The most drawn ‘Lucky Star’ number is currently number 1, which has appeared 66 times, followed by the number 6 which has been drawn 65 times. The number 4 has been drawn the least amount of times with 48 appearances.

Obviously, if everyone played the same numbers the amount of Euromillions Jackpot shared out would be less.  With Friday’s Euro Millions jackpot total of an estimated £85m, I don’t mind sharing!

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